Guest Post: Literacy Centers by Edventurous Little Apples

I am very excited to introduce my very first guest blogger- Genevieve from Edventurous Little Apples! She is a Kindergarten teacher in Canada and shares so many creative and inspiring posts on her Instagram here and at her Teachers Pay Teachers store- Today, she is going to share hands on and engaging literacy centers with you!

Hi friends!  I am beyond excited to be featured on Kristina’s blog this week for my very first blog post! If you have been following me on Instagram for a while, you know I love sharing engaging literacy activities with fellow kindergarten educators. I thought this was the perfect opportunity to share a few of my favorite alphabet centres with you! I’m hoping they will inspire you!

1. Alphabet Strips

These hands-on no prep alphabet strips are a great way to challenge and keep your quick learners engaged. Using magnetic letters, letter tiles or foam letters, your students have to find the letters that are missing and put them at the right spot on the strip. I included five levels in order to differentiate based on your students abilities. You can access this resource in my TpT store by clicking on the image above.
Since the strips were quite popular, I recently created seasonal ones. However, those only include uppercase letter strips. You can also find this resource on TpT. Clicking on the picture above will redirect you to my store where this product is currently at its lowest price.

2. Play Doh Mats
If your students LOVE play dough as much as mine do, they will love these mats. I simply used a font I purchased and chose a size that covered half of a letter page. I printed them on card stock and voilà! You could also use mini erasers or other loose parts such as pompons and cubes as shown in the picture. This alphabet centre turned fine motor activity is a great way to help build finger muscles. 

3. Alphabetical Order
Just like the alphabet strips, this activity was initially created to challenge my quick learners. I also had to do something with the bottle caps I had accumulated over the summer! Each mats has between 1 and 6 letters. The rest are to be completed by the students using the bottle caps, magnetic letters or even a dry erase marker. This resource is available in both English and French in my TpT store. You can access the English version by clicking on the picture above.

Why dont you give the Halloween Edition a try with your kinders! Click on the image below to grab this F R E E B I E from my TpT store:

 4. BeeBot
If you have a BeeBot at your school, you MUST give this a try! If you don’t, what are you waiting for? They are truly amazing!
Using a white bristol board and tape, I created a BeeBot mat on which I glued lowercase letters I made on PowerPoint. Make sure that your squares align with the BeeBot’s movements.  To play the game, the students had to pick a purple card on which were uppercase letters. They then had to program the route to get the bee to the corresponding lowercase letter. So. Much. Fun.

That’s it for now!  I hope you will be able to use some activities in your classroom! Come find me on Instagram for some more ideas!

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