How to Boost Sight Word Fluency

Sight words, high frequency words, words to know, whatever you call them, is such an important part of Kindergarten and learning to read. They will always be one of the first steps to becoming a fluent reader. If you think about it, sight words are just a few letters, in a certain order that make a word that you can't "sound out", so you have to memorize it. Memorizing may be easy for some kids, but it is very challenging for others. If you are looking for new suggestions on how to teach sight words, especially how to differentiate sight words, then read on!

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Every year that I have taught Kindergarten, I have used sight word bags. This idea came from a former teacher on my team, who also believed the whole "sight words are super duper important". It is just a sandwich size ziplock baggie with a set of 6 sight words.

I give them a set on bright paper to cut out to put in their baggie, and a set goes home to practice at home.

Anytime they finish their work early, or need something to do, they take out their sight word baggie to practice. If they don't know a word, they can "ask 3, then me". I have them practice them with a friend if we have 5 minutes to spare. They have even brought them to recess to practice there! Once they know those 6 sight words, they come to me for me to test them. I go through those 6, and they have to say them fast, or it doesn't count.  If they get them all right, (yay!) they get a sticker for a sticker chart, but if they don't they keep practicing them.

{I was gifted these sticker charts, but you can find them at any teacher store!}

Every student will learn sight words at a different pace and that's okay. All of my students are on different sight word lists right now, so I use a google doc spreadsheet to keep track. I pull it up every day, so I can write in if a student has mastered another list. This is a great way to differentiate your sight words every week, while still teaching the sight words the curriculum gives you.

Sight Word Cut and Spell is a go to word work center for my students. I have a set at my Teachers Pay Teachers store with an editable version, so you can put in your own weekly sight words. This helps them read the word and learn how to spell it.

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What are your ideas to teach sight words???

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