Your Students can Learn 100 Sight Words!

Can your students really learn 100 sight words in a year in Kindergarten? YES, they can! Today, I am going to share the sight word program that I have used the past 5 years in Kindergarten. And 90% of my students every year have learned over 100 words! The best part- it only takes 5 minutes a day to do!

Even though my students are only required to learn 50 sight words, the first grade curriculum is a big jump. In order to help accommodate that jump, and make sure my students are ready for 1st Grade, I include over 100 sight words on the Kindergarten sight word list. I know that this seems like A LOT, but they don't HAVE to learn all 100something words. However, most DO learn 100something words! This Read the Rainbow Sight Word program motivates my students to learn their sight words.


Kindergarten Classroom Management Summer Series

Hi friends!

Every summer, I find myself reflecting back on the school year and thinking about what worked well and what needs to be improved. If you're anything like me, classroom management is always on my mind! I love to spend time every summer scrolling through Instagram or Pinterest finding new ideas and tips to try (while I'm sitting by the pool of course!) After 6 years of teaching Kindergarten, I feel like I have a pretty good grasp on what works and what doesn't when it comes to classroom management.

So... this summer, I will be sharing a weekly blog post series focusing on classroom management in Kindergarten. Each Monday, a new post will be posted with lots of ideas for you to try in your classroom.

Find each post here:
Week 1 Centers
Week 2 Routines and Procedures
Week 3 Behavior

Hope you enjoy this summer series!