Target Dollar Find- Dry Erase Sentence Strips

Oh, Target, how I love you! And your conveniently located Dollar Spot right at the front of the store. I HAVE to look around, even if I am just going into Target for shampoo. I always end up leaving with some fuzzy socks, another metal pail, $10 worth of bins and those seasonal pencils. Well, I decided to make my Target finds a little more useful and share how I use them in my classroom!

Here is my first Target Dollar Spot find! Dry Erase Sentence Strips- $1 for about 30 strips.
(These are not the hard board ones- but the more paper-like ones)

I found these at the Target Dollar Spot this past summer. So of course, I had to buy 5 sets of them. They have really come in handy while doing word sorts, teaching my small group reading centers, and writing sentences to use. But my best idea for them came to me earlier this week. You could make your own using sentence strips and laminating them!

While I was looking at my {still bare} word wall, an idea popped into my head. I should use those erasable sentence strips for my word wall. I can add and erase words as I need to! This really comes in handy when we are working on writing and we need to spell a new word. All I did was cut them in half and staple them up! No more switching out words every month or quarter, and its super easy to change up. The students can even write words!

Here is what my new word wall looks like! 

A close-up of the words.

Just erase...

 And it's ready for a new word! 

Thank you Target! Reason #3125 why teachers love Target.



Writing "October" on the board today didn't feel real. I don't know where September went, but I'm glad October is here! Although it's "fall", it still feels like summer in Southern California. Thank God for AC in my classroom, so at least I can start wearing my cute fall outfits.

I am linking up with Oh Boy! Fourth Grade for her monthly Currently link up, so I am keeping it short and sweet!

Listening: Scandal is on! It is my must watch fall TV show. I LOVE Olivia Pope!

Loving: My go to Ben & Jerry's flavor- Salted Caramel Core... and really anything that is salted caramel {or pumpkin- you can never go wrong with pumpkin}

Thinking: After a few {many} disruptions today, I didn't finish my next week's plans like I normally do. Usually I plan a month at a time, but I haven't seem to catch up this year, between moving, new school, new curriculum, etc... So, I will be at school bright and early!

Wanting: This weather needs to cool down already! It was cool in June, but sweltering hot in October? I can't wait for it to cool down just a bit more. I know there's no fall here, but it will still get cooler than South Florida, so I am happy!

Needing: Next weekend I am going to Vegas! For the first time! (Well...except for the time we drove through Vegas, but stopped so I could play one slot machine in Caesar's Palace) I so need a mini vacation already, so I hope this week goes by fast.

Boo-tiful: I am the biggest Essie fan, and my 20 something collection is proof... My newest favorite color is Essie Ballet Slippers! It is a pretty light pink that goes with everything.

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