Tell All Tuesday


I can't believe it's already August! Where did summer go? Luckily I have another month until school starts, so I have plenty of time to relax, set up my classroom, and complete the 2305938 things on my Summer TPT To-Do List. Okay, maybe not that many, but my brain is running faster than I can create products!

So, today I am linking up with Teach, Talk, Inspire and My Day in K, for the last (and my first) Tell All Tuesday. This week is all about goals for the school year. It was the perfect opportunity to reflect and think about what I want to accomplish this school year. Last year, I had to do this for a Back to School PD, and I kept the paper on my desk for most of the year to remind me why I teach.

So here is a goal, a wish, and a dream! 

A Goal: Be Patient-  I am a Kindergarten teacher, I am a very patient person. But it is always a goal for me to be patient, especially at the beginning of the year. At the end of Kindergarten, those students leave as very independent First Graders. I tend to forget how little they can do when they come in as Kindergarteners. I always have that one lesson, at the beginning of the year, where I fly through instructions, say go, and the students just sit there or start misbehaving. It always happens once. But, it helps me remember that I have to go slow with these kiddos, and be super patient when they don't know how to hold the scissors or don't follow the directions correctly. Directions have to be repeated more than once, lots of modeling, reminders, and I need to have lots of patience. In working at a new school, I will have to be patient when learning all the new procedures, curriculum, and with the parents. 

A Wish: Be Remembered- If you ask other people if they remember their Kindergarten teacher or anything about Kindergarten, most times, they don't remember. For me, I remember and LOVED all my Elementary School teachers. I remember how caring they were, how much fun I had with them, and they are the reason I teach today. I remember in Kindergarten, Mrs. Cline, and how she would give us the biggest hugs when we walked in the classroom. I remember the Teddy Bear picnic we had and how much fun I had that day! I remember my First Grade Teacher, Mrs. Blumberg, being the Star Student and I got to have a big yellow wooden star sit on my desk. I felt so proud that day! My Second Grade teacher, Mrs. Lewis (who I was lucky enough to have in 5th Grade too!) was so caring and once when I had a bad day, she let me sit next to her at recess and we played a game together to help me take my mind off of what had happened. I don't remember what happened that day, but I do remember how special she made me feel. These teachers all made such a huge impact on my young life and I remember a lot about my K-2 years. When I get a new group of students every year, I think about how they had wonderful relationships with their students, and I strive to do the same with mine. I wish to be remembered by my Kindergarten students, because of the loving relationships I build with them. 

A Dream: Less Testing in Primary!- I know this is a far fetched dream, but I am tired of seeing my students get upset or frustrated when I have to give them a bubble test. Hopefully, there will be important changes to fix the testing problem everywhere. It's not about a grade on a test, or if everyone in your class mastered that standard, it's about learning and finding success. 

Thank you for stopping by! 


  1. Kristina I always forget how hard it is in the beginning of K for our students because at the end they leave so independent too!! There is such a HUGE difference in how they come and how they walk out! Also I love that your wish is to be remembered. I love getting visits from past students and hearing them say how much they loved K even though they often call me their current teacher's name lol! Best of luck this school year! I know you will be making a huge impact in your students' lives.

  2. No worries, they will remember you. They may not remember the directions or to wash their hands after using the restroom, but they will remember you. Having that patience at the beginning of the year is exhausting. It's been likened to childbirth—you forget how much work the beginning of the year is because you see so much growth so quickly. That's why you do it again the next year! ;)

  3. Kristina,
    I have a love/hate relationship with Kinder in August. I love how excited and full of wonder they are when they come to me, BUT I do not look forward to repeating myself 50+ times during the same lesson. I love that your goal is to be patient! Such a fabulous goal and reminder in the beginning. They are little let them be little! It is swarth it when that light bulb goes off and they get!!

    Good luck to you this year!!
    It’s Kinder Time