Classroom Management Series Week 4: Organization

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Thanks for coming back for the final week of my Classroom Management Summer Series. This post will be all about organization! Yes, I know this week's topic is more classroom management for YOU as the teacher, however, your students will surely benefit if you are put together and organized.
As long as I can remember, I've always been a very organized, color coded, alphabetic order, "let's make a to do list" kinda girl. Clearly, organization is most definitely my strength in the classroom. Most people who walk in notice it right away. "Wow, you're organized!" is the most common compliment I get from new parents on Meet the Teacher day. Funny story, during my first teaching interview, I was asked the typical question, "What is your biggest weakness?" Being nervous, I kinda froze and blurted out "organization". Then, I had to tell them how I planned to become more organized (which was already what I planned on doing in my first class). Oh well, I got the job and that was definitely not my weakness my first year, but they'll never know.

Classroom Management Series Week 3: Behavior

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Thanks for stopping by for Week 3 of my Classroom Management Summer Series, where I am going to be talking all about behavior management! This will be many of your student's first time in a school setting. They will not know how to sit properly, walk in line, or how to act in the lunch room. In addition to teaching them routines and procedures, you need to teach them how they behave at school.

Classroom Management Series- Week 2: Routines and Procedures

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Thank you for joining me on Week 2 of the Kindergarten Classroom Management Summer Series. Last week, I talked about how to set up and implement successful centers in your classroom. This week, I am going to talk all about Routines and Procedures!
Create a consistent schedule
Kindergarteners NEED structure and a consistent schedule. I don't know how many times something threw off our day- an assembly, fire drill, class party, etc. If you don't have a consistent schedule, ALL your days will feel hectic. Your first step is to create a daily schedule and STICK to it. Things come up, and it will all be okay. Your students will come to expect that schedule and will know if it's different or off. Some schools make your whole schedule for you, while other schools may give you the times for lunch, recess, and specials, but the rest is up to you. Once you have your schedule, you can create routines and procedures for your day.

Classroom Management Summer Series- Week 1: Centers

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Thanks for stopping by for Week 1 of my Classroom Management Summer Series! This week I am going to talk to you all about CENTERS.
My favorite part of our day in Kindergarten is our Reading and Math Centers! Centers are the perfect opportunity for your students to grow socially and academically, while learning how to work independently and as a team. I look forward to my small group time, as this is where I am able to really work with my students and give them the attention they need. I've had lots of questions on Instagram about how I do centers in Kindergarten, so today I am going to explain how I incorporate centers in my daily schedule!

Your Students can Learn 100 Sight Words!

Can your students really learn 100 sight words in a year in Kindergarten? YES, they can! Today, I am going to share the sight word program that I have used the past 5 years in Kindergarten. And 90% of my students every year have learned over 100 words! The best part- it only takes 5 minutes a day to do!

Even though my students are only required to learn 50 sight words, the first grade curriculum is a big jump. In order to help accommodate that jump, and make sure my students are ready for 1st Grade, I include over 100 sight words on the Kindergarten sight word list. I know that this seems like A LOT, but they don't HAVE to learn all 100something words. However, most DO learn 100something words! This Read the Rainbow Sight Word program motivates my students to learn their sight words.